Age: 128
Hair: White
Eyes: Green
Skin: Pale
Height: 6’0"
Weight: 135 lbs
Build: Slim

Sear is a mysterious sorceress who serves the god Groetus.

Born into the prestigious Kaishu family in the Sorcerer Confederacy of Dtang Ma in southern Tian Xia, Sear Xian was the result of a very, very bad night. Her mother never did see fit to expand on the events which let do such a curious choice of names, but this suited Sear just fine.

Despite a very privileged childhood, Sear Xian was never anything close to normal. Chaotic nightmares haunted her throughout her earlier years, and as she grew the contents of her visions could no longer be constrained by her mind. By twenty her gaze could already unnerve even the most seasoned warriors, and by forty even the ruling council knew better than to needlessly call out the bad night.

Despite all this Sear was never far from the action. Her noble upbringing left her with the social graces necessary to mix with the highest society while her capricious nature would lead to many a wild nights with the rowdier of the Ramparassad residents.

Sear could have continued living in the lap of luxury for her entire life, but something drew her out into ever more dangerous escapades. Her wild nights turned into wild fights, and the high class parties turned into dangerous diplomatic mind games. Worse yet, when she did not bother focusing her attention on the events around her (Which with time became more and more often), people began to report disturbing sights and sounds.

Only one person every dared ask what she hoped to gain from this dangerous lifestyle, and after he threw himself off the city wall no one felt inclined to explore the topic in more details. In fact, when Sear Xian of the Kaishu disappeared from the Academy on a night in her eightieth year, the entire city breathed a collective sigh of relief.

The relief lasted for two decades, until one night she returned just as mysteriously as she had vanished. The next day she joined her peers in their studies, as if she had never left. When asked what had happened to her, Sear just emitted a few clicks and buzzes that left everyone around her feeling chilled to the core.

The final decade of Sear’s childhood was one that the entire Dtang Ma confederacy would remember for many long years. Blank stares of those trying to understand the inconceivable became the norm around Ramparassad, the predominantly human Sorcerer students began to question the very source of their power, and Sear received a wide berth by any that met her paradoxical half-smile, half-frown.

On her 110th birthday Sear Xian woke up, packed a satchel of supplies, and walked out of her home city in utter silence, and without so much as a look back. Sear bounced around the Tian Xia continent for a decade, and then made her way across the ocean to Avistan. More recently she had been passing her time by dabbling in adventure, and looking for new experiences, and new minds to… Entertain.


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