Julian Windworthy is a Human smuggler of Chelaxian heritage. He was a former slave and as such is an avid proponent of abolishing slavery.

When he was just 4 years old, Julian was sold into slavery by his parents, Audrey and Oliver. He has not seen them since. His parents sold him to the Noble House of Tennon. Julian was hired as a liaison between the staff and the family, as everyone of House Tennon felt it was beneath them to talk directly to a Halfling. He grew up working with many of other slaves’ children, doing harsh and often dangerous work.

Over the years, Julian had especially taken a liking to another slave girl, a Halfling named Ravamorel. The two of them often snuck off to the river with her to escape their live of servitude, if only for a moment. They would dream up plans of how to escape their miserable lives, but would be woken up to the harsh beatings of their masters.

When he was 13, his master came home one night and, in an unprovoked fit of drunken rage, killed several slaves, many of which died slowly and cruelly. Among the casualities was his childhood friend Ravamorel. Being considered property within the borders of Cheliax, no repercussions came of his actions. Fearing for his life, Julian stole a handsome amount of platinum and ran from House Tennon, turning back only once to vow revenge on the House Tennon. He sped off into the night, using his ill gotten gains to bribe his way to the Inner Sea coast.

He hired an unknown captain to smuggle him out of Cheliax and into the Shackles, the only place where money spoke louder than papers. He took the money, hid it, and worked on a ship to acquire sailing skills.

Over time he honed his ability and bought his own ship to help others as he had been helped before. He did frequent runs through Cheliax, pretending to be in the employment of House Tennon to evade and elude customs officials. Over time he had freed hundreds of slaves, but soon his crimes caught up with him. An undercover Halfling ratted him out to the port officials, and he and his ship was seized. Julian’s quick thinking allowed for his entire crew to escape on other ships, and he alone felt the punishment of Cheliax.

He was sentenced to 30 years in the jails for aiding and abetting known escaped slaves. As luck would have it, Jessica Thrune soon heard of his name and skill and, using her connections and resources, soon had Julian signing a contract of his acceptance of trust and assistance in helping Operation Groggy Sea. Julian agreed on the condition of her rise to power in Cheliax, she would establish a set of laws that recognized Halflings as people and not property, as well as abolishing slavery and establishing wages for all those in servitude.

He joins Besmara’s Bitch in Robu to assist the crew in Operation Groggy Sea. He is often seen in the company of the other crew members, gambling and drinking when his duties are done. He has taken a point to learn of each of the other crew members, their likes and dislikes, and their motivation to be a part of the ship and her mission.


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