Age: 24
Hair: Lilac
Eyes: Lilac
Skin: Dark Chocolate
Height: 6’0"
Weight: 190 lbs
Build: Lean

Karn is an enigmatic fighter who follows of the word of Naderi.

Karn is our hero captain of the crew ship, Besmara’s Bitch. His past is only partially known, as he grew up in foster care with someone paying good money for his upbringing, as well as his adoptive parents silence. His dark chocolate skin tone leads him to believe his father to be from Mwangi heritage; people have said his large, gap-toothed smile and skill at sailing remind them of the Bonawut people.

His body is covered with scars from years of toiling on the seas, but the most prominent ones are from split lips, busted eyebrows and bloody knuckles; badges he’s earned by fighting. The most prominent scar, however, runs across the right side of his head where a blade ran across his scalp to cut off the top half of his ear. He still his has his left ear, and lilac-coloured buzz-cut and eyes to denote his Elven heritage.

He was led to The Shackles to learn more of his family’s history. He hopes to find if some local Mwangi can lead him in the right direction.


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