Besmara's Bitch

Besmara’s Bitch (formerly the Man’s Promise) is the name of the sailing ship our hero’s work from. Her captain is Captain Karn One-Ear. She can carry 150 tonnes of cargo, moved 2 nautical miles per hour, and has a diverse crew of misfits.

Administrative Crew
Captain Karn One-Ear
First Mate & Boatswain Rotli Hammerarm
Second Mate & Boatswain Madelila Brickly
Quartermaster Dink Dink
Human Resources Sear Kaishu
Surgeon and Shipwright Maheem Shipshaper
Master Chef Gildefro Burntskin

Grunt Crew
01. Julian Windworthy
02. Rosie Cusswell
03. Bill S. Preston
04. Theodore Ted Logan
05. Gregi Searunner
06. Wind-follower Salbja
07. Indis Stormcaller
08. Fene of the Kocharka Tribe
09. John Waterspout
10. Sandara Quinn
11. Narvi Giggletooth
12. Frejopeg Suundter
13. Ernesto Portsmouth
14. Osiris Ruffles
15. Chuck Flannigan
16. Venslara Alderain
17. Orville Keeneye

Gear on Board
Shackles of Compliance – In Sear’s possessions
Vindictive Harpoon – Used by Karn
Masterwork Rapier, in the armory (formerly owned by Rattsline)

12 tonnes of personal provisions
30 tonnes of refined ore


Besmara's Bitch

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