1. There is a heatwave happening at Rickety Squibs.
Followup: The Master of the Gales is sending some of his followers (a group of powerful druids known as the Cult of the Eye) to Squibs to summon rain to the area. Food and supplies are being sent as well from various members of the Pirate Council.

2. Chelaxian ships may be prowling the waters as spies.

3. Arronax Endymion is set to kill 6 more Chelaxian sailors, found aboard a Chelish merchant ship, for treason against Arronax. They were found guilty by a jury of their peers.

4. The Free Captains Regatta is 7 months away.

5. The Elves of Alendruan Harbor were just hit by an unexpected monsoon.

6. Tension rises in Sargava as rumors indicate that the tribal leader has called all men to arm themselves to revolt.

7. Dwarves in Ollo are being targeted in a mass pick-pocketing scheme. Who would stoop so low?


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