Edward Strongfort

Admiral Edward Strongfort (or Martinez Freesail) is a highly decorated admiral within the Chelish Navy. He is first seen aboard the Man’s Promise, a sailing ship posing as a merchant vessel in The Shackles.

His career is a long and distinguished one, having the sailor lineage in his blood. As a young boy, he was a cabin boy aboard his gransfathers’s ship Asmodeus Rising. He learned the tricks of the trade and even served at the Battle of Drowned Souls at the age of 14. He was recognized for his unshakable valour and bravery as such a young age (his grandfather raising morale on the ship cursing, “even this fresh cumshot is serving with zeal, how can you be looking to retreat?!”

He soon found himself captaining ship’s and was commonly moved from ship to ship, serving mainly as a tool to get sailors in line and functioning at full capacity. He became a commodore at 27 and admiral at 34.

He is currently heavily invested in Operation Groggy Sea in an attempt to prove his candidacy for the role of Admiral of the Fleet.

Edward Strongfort

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