Age: 20
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Blue
Skin: White
Height: 6’0"
Weight: 200 lbs
Build: Athletic

Dink Dink is a virtuous paladin who worships the goddess Iomedae.

The earliest known facts of Dink’s past only go back to when he was 13. Dink’s memory loss is a result from a serious blow to the head during the Siege of Solku. During the siege, the gnolls spared no one as they worked their way through the city like a wave of carnage. Dink was defending the city when he took a vicious blow to the head from a hammer, leaving him unconscious amidst a group of corpses. When he woke up after the battle, the severe brain damage left him in an infantile state for a period of time. During this time, the Knights of Ozem had driven away the gnoll threat. The paladins then processed to treat the wounded and repair the city walls.

Dink would run behind the paladins, excitedly clapping and giggling at the sounds their plate mail would make. “Dink Dink!” he’d yell excitedly at the most inopportune moments. Some say he was happiest when he’d hear the rain fall on the armor while he’d doze off to sleep.

After annoying enough paladins, Dink was eventually brought to powerful paladins and clerics to finally heal the head trauma. With no memory of his past, Dink’s birdlike mind immediately bonded with Marion Shortankard, and saw him as his nurturing mother. He immediately pledged his faith to Iomadae and the Knights of Ozen, and vowed to take of the oath of faith to initiate his training. Some say they heard Marion mutter ‘fuck’ under his breath as he upheld his oath to turn away no stranger from the glory of Iomadae.

Due to the severity of the damage inflicted and the duration between hit and healing, he never regained any memory of his past. The paladins named him Dink Dink as a joke. Soon no one could remember what Marion had actually named him, even Dink himself seemed to have forgotten.

Dink has trained with the knights for several years and set forth on his journey. A journey so bold, some dare he may never succeed. He says he has but 3 tasks to accomplish.

To uphold the Iomadae’s Code.
To complete the Test of the Starstone to ascend to godhood.
To find out where he left the keys to a box that contains all his childhood items.


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