The Scallywags of The Shackles

Act 2: A Captain by any Other Name

Having recently completed Hikarogawa’s test, our hero’s set forth while in command of their own ship, Besmara’s Bitch. Looking to earn a name for themselves, they soon find themselves gallivanting in the local bar telling their heroic deeds of crossing the sea on a merchant ship and fighting a slaver in a local bar. The crew informs their shipmates the next day of Freesail’s sudden departure, with a successful bluff by Sear being swallowed up by the entire crew. Maheem presents Captain Karn with a letter found among Rattline’s possessions, only to be unreadable by any of the crew. It was left in Sear’s possession for deciphering it.

Before setting sail, Karn appoints Rotli and Lila to the rank of First Officers and Boatswains.

Having earned some reputation to go along with their name, they soon sell their goods and depart for Pangalley Atoll, a series of of islands which seem sleepy. Soon after setting sail, upon the horizon they spot the Huntress Steeright. Not taking any chances, Karn sets up his ship for a safe boarding to investigate the allegidly former pirate ship.

After deftly maneuvering through the seas against Old Captain Rhun, then two ships pull up aside one another. Seeing a row of crew members armed with crossbows, our crew reads their body language and finds it’s just an old man looking for some fun. Our crew learns the old man has a rich history in the Shackles, and has a personal history with Kerdak Bonefist.

Soon Karn was in a fistfight with one of the other crew members. But it’s ok, it was for money.

They soon set their sights on The Obelisk of Wonder. Finding 2 dead bodies (both with a strange mark in their inventory) our crwe (with Rhun’s grandson Thak in tow, they soon find trouble. For waiting for them (or anyone edible for that matter) was a clever group of fey creatures, set on making their next meal a feast. Clever enough to distract the group and get the young Thak away from the group.

Our crew heroically answered the call to duty (and accepted the long distance charges as well). They were led to an underground passageway where the Fey and a few buddies had been waiting for them. A quick set of blows and spells (including Sear’s heroic action of dazing her comrade, then shrieking as she was ganged up on). The child rescued, our crew looks around and finds a Star Stone Shard, of which little is known about. They hide it and smuggle it back aboard the ship.

The party that night to celebrate their new found friend, and receive distressing news. Not willing to risk their cover and offend their new friend, they decide it’s best to continue drinking.

They arrive in Quent for a briefing, and spend them shopping and relaxing before setting out on a new mission, one of mystery and suspense. Also, Dink totally recruited some kid.


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