The Scallywags of The Shackles

The Scallywags of the Shackles

Current Scene: The year is 4708. We see a derelict sailing ship, hobbling it’s way out of a storm with almost no survivors.

Welcome, to our fancy little round table adventure. For those of you just joining us, have a seat, and let me bring you up to speed about the tale of Dink, Karn, and Sear.

In the sea there was a ship. It was a regular, simple, merchant ship. It looked ordinary enough, well, except for the fact that it’s sails were torn. Oh, did I forget to mention that? My apologies. You see, our adventure actually started a few days before this day in question, when a fierce storm (possibly an off shoot from the Eye of Abendago) tore the sails, and spoiling much of the cargo below deck. Our friends were lucky, but most of the sailors I fear to say did go missing that night out at sea.

Back to the crew. Well, they were doing their best to keep the ship hobbling along. A minor detour to Rickety Squibs for repairs. But alas, who should they see on the horizon, non other than ol Captain Barnabas Harrigan, a captain so twisted that he carried a copy of his wanted warrant just to offer anyone who passed his way. Now, they knew ol Barney was not closing in on them for a cup of tea; his plans were much more sinister.

The two ships clashed for what seemed like minutes! Vollies of arrows flew across the decks. The clash and clang of steel meeting steel. A cloud of coloured dust erupted from Sear, stunning and dazing the attacking crew, and stopping most in their tracks. Seeing defeat, Harrigan slunk away, while his former crew were tied up and interrogated. Having earned a few new crew members, our heroes continued on their way to Squibs.

Caught in the middle of a heat wave, Squibs was far from a dream vacation. The forest undergrowth was spreading into town, and a sea cat had taken up residence in the squibbing yard. Having learned that the local townsfolk had no way of dealing with, our crew was tasked with finding a way to remove the sea cat. Violence was the answer. The crew recruited two archers to assist with the slaying. Cat removed, they learn that she was simply trying to raise her 5 kittens. Given as gifts throughout Squibs, the cats soon found new homes, and the group found new allies. Rotli was convinced that Iomedae was his one true god.

Karn decided to clear the bramble from Squibs, and soon found himself working alongside others looking to find a job. When a Chelish galleon containing Admiral Perryweather as captain was seen in the harbor, concern struck the gang. Investigation led the crew to the corpse of Lyle Godwin, a sentry dead at the post. Dink determined the death to be due to a gaint wasp, which Sear was quick to agitate. Wham bam dead wasp ma’am! Sear ending up bumping uglies with Perryweather. A pig roast later and we’re on our way to Robu

Long story shot, Karn learned how to command a ship in rough waters. Rattline died during a storm when some Sahuagin carried him away (which revealed his past from his locker contents), Sear repaired some clothing, and Dink spread the word of the lord. Also, Telchor stole from the ship, but Sear scared him enough to make him give back the ill-gotten loot.

Upon arrival in Robu, the crew is urged to go to the local pub and order up somethingerother. When the order was placed, the crew was in absolute shock and disbelief (I know, right?) to learn of a secret entrance to a dungeon carved out into the mountain, which led into a secret pub. They were shocked to learn that Harrigan was sitting next to their captain, Martinez Freesail (Who revealed his true name to be Edward Strongfort, the Chelish Admiral). Also in attendance was Jessica Thrune, niece of Queen Abrogail II, Kensai Hikarogawa, Samurai Lord of Robu, and Sandara Quinn, a mysterious priestess who has been seen often with the captain since meeting her at Squibbs. They soon explained Operation Groggy Sea, a plan to establish a central government withing The Shackles, bringing peace and prosperity to all neighboring nations. Their plan is to have the crew of Besmara’s Bitch, along with other similar privateers, covertly infiltrate the Shackles, gain notoriety, and use their influence to help overthrow the government, with the backing of the Chelish navy when the time was right.

First, Kensai Hikarogawa wanted proof that these individuals did have the strength to battle the fiercest the Shackles had to offer. They were to capture and apprehend two of Harrigan’s former allies, Master Scourge and Mister Plugg. A quick brawl at the local pub led to the capture of Plugg, but the quick thinking Scourge stealthed off into the night. Satisfied, but not impressed, with the results Kensai Hikarogawa gives his approval and offers the compliment of men to assist his crew. Paired with Sandara as a guide to the mission, our crew sets sail in a ship of their own!


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